Listening to Music Benefits Children

Music gifts us everyday in a number of awesome ways, and one of those ways is how music benefits children, even at a very young age.  The research is piling up on the affects of music listening for children.  Check out this awesome article through Open University by Dr. Alexandra Lamont on the significance of music for young children.  The research continues to show us that music affects the way we think, feel, behave, and develop as humans, and this of course extends to children at a very young age.

Parents can bond with their newborn babies through music and research has even shown that music leads to improved weight gain in premature babies (for more info, visit the Baby Center online).  Singing to your baby is certainly a great way to bond with your child and to instill focused listening.

PBS helps us to answer the question What Music Should My Child Listen To?  The answer of course is just about anything.  Familiar and melodically simple tunes are always good, but so is more complex music.  Avoid loud or aggressive music, or music with inappropriate language.  Do not play energetic music for your child to fall asleep to or for relaxation.  Similarly, a lullaby is probably not the best option for playtime.  Exposure to a wide variety of musical styles and genres is a great way to teach through listening.

Here at Abundant Silence Publishing we have carefully produced an album of piano music for children called Album for the Young.  This album includes a variety of short piano pieces that will take your child through a wide vareity of experiences, from energetic, to highly emotional, to calming and soothing.  Best yet, this album is great to listen to for the whole family.  We hope this album will help develop your child’s love of music and maybe even inspire them to become pianists.

There are some many ways that listening to music benefits children and we hope that our work can play a role in your child’s development and love of music!

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